Scholarship Page

Thank you for your interest in the World Tang Soo Do Foundation Region 5 Scholarship Award. The award is available to graduating high school seniors and students attending or planning to attend college. who are to be a member of WTSDA, in good standing with the association and their studio. If you meet these criteria, please download the application and review the requirements in the "Application Checklist".  Complete the application and forward it and all required documentation to the address in the packet. The application deadline is as follows:

Spring Cycle:  March 15th
Fall Cycle:September 15th

If you are a returning applicant, you do not have to re-complete the entire application.  Since all applications remain on file, all that is required of you are:
a.) An email or signed letter explaining to the Scholarship committee your intention to apply for the current scholarship award.
b.) A newly completed "Instructor recommendation" form. 
c.) A current transcript.

Whether new or a returning applicant, please insure your application is received by the deadline.  Late or incomplete applications will be ineligible for consideration(As someone once said "Be on time!").  Also, be advised that if you are chosen to receive this honor, you may be required to attend a suitable public event for a ceremonial presentation.

Files to download:

Regular Scholarship application and accompanying documents as a zip file(This is the following 6 items in 1 zip file)


1. WTSDA Region 5 Scholarship info & general requirements.

2. Candidate general info & questions.

3. Instructor recommendation.

4. Academic recommendation.

5. Personal recommendation.

6. Application checklist.

The above forms are editable PDF forms that you can fill in.  

If you are less tech oriented, and would rather do paper forms, the paper version can be found here. (this has all 6 of the items listed above, but in a non-editable format, that you can print out and fill in).  


I look forward to receiving your application soon!

Master Tony Perkins

WTSDA Region 5 Scholarship Chair

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.